Crew und Equipment von Riedel beim Red Bull Air Race Budapest 2016

Antennenhalterungen auf der Margaretenbrücke über der Donau

Das Equipment und das Team von Riedel Communications beim Red Bull Air Race in Budapest 2016


Yung Min Lee – Project Manager
Jonathan Salim – IT Senior Engineer Compound 1
Imad Soliman – IT Engineer Compound 2
Torben Hermann – Radio Engineer
Nico Hartmann – Intercom Engineer
Stefan Hülssiep – MN and Fiber Engineer
Phil Colin Harder – Radio/Intercom Engineer Airport
Christian Alt – IT Engineer Airport
Michael Koch – Hardware Engineer
Nando Kluft – OnBoard Engineer Airport 1
David Nickel – OnBoard Engineer Airport 2
Nils Schöneberg – OnBoard Engineer Airport 3
Till Butenschön – RF Engineer Wireless Cams/Helicopter RA
Mirko Reinartz – RF Engineer Wireless Cams/colour shading CMP 1
Carlos Domingues – RF Engineer Wireless Cams/colour shading CMP 2
Maudi Alvarez Sanchez – RF Engineer RX and TV support


09 x Mediornet Compact Frames
03 x Mediornet Modular Frames
01 x Metron Frame

02 x Tetra Base Stations
400 x tetra Handheld radios incl. charger and accessories (full event coverage)

Analog Radios:
05 x RiFace
30 Analog Radios incl. accessories (full event coverage)

IT Network:
28 x 24 Port Switch
Headliner Links (connection event area with the race airport)
10 x Mesh wireless Access Points

Wireless Video:
14 x Race Airplane OnBoard links (HD) incl. telemetry
01 x Helicopter downlink (HD)
06 x Wireless Cameras links incl. camera and lenses and telemetry

02 x 64 frame incl. Madi cards.
20 x RCP 1028
01 x 128 Frame

Riedel Team:                    16 engineers on site

Cabeling:                            Quad con extreme fiber cable around 5km cable